Biome – The Prayer / Future Past [DEEPD007] – Review

Returning for his eleventh respective release of 2012, Biome affirms once again why he is one of the most competent and innovative producers within the minimal spectrum of bass music. Two immaculate pieces of music, one covering the grittier, more energetic and dynamic sound of dubstep, whilst the flip captures the more cinematic and soothing sector of the genre.

The Prayer

Setting the tone slyly with stretched-out Eastern instrument samples, emphatic strings and trembling soundscapes, the introduction to this release is soon met with a deluge of rolling sub bass once the teasing reese basses have had their say and the rolling hi-hats then lead spotlessly into the main section. Not only does the tireless percussion and driving, potent bass encapsulate the immediate moment of impact, the sheer tribal energy of the music itself glides flawlessly between vocal cuts and sustaining darkened chords. Descending into the break, once again the pressure builds intensely into what the listener is now hopefully prepared for this time round. Biome’s exquisite prowess displays that music can be not only sensuous but vigorous all in one.


Future Past

From the off, Future Past’s enigmatic atmosphere seals its intention amidst essentially simple but elegant synth plucks and futuristic, cutting-edge percussion. The introduction breaks away as a breath-taking submerge of low-pitched resonance cloaks the listener. All is saturated into one flowing journey as the divine progression of the song itself sails amongst flowing vocal samples and toned down, almost garage-esque arrangements. If the initial main section wasn’t enough, the second is a cascade of an even deeper tone, promptly surging through into a combination of pure soul, poured into a hypnotising and healing composition. This one is undoubtedly one for the headphones, somewhere picturesque and alleviating.


Available now from all good online music retailers.

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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