Demon – Bone Yard EP (MUD012) – Review & Artist Interview

Demon makes a swift return to the top of the dubstep charts this week with his latest release, Bone Yard EP, which includes six fresh tracks profusely laced with bass from beginning till end. Each song packs more than enough punch and precision to keep the dancefloors and close-listeners entertained alike. The EP as a whole is simply colossal, no-nonsense business, and bouncing straight back from his Ramification EP released only last month alongside Beezy, this surely certifies Demon as one of the most prolific bass music producers currently holding it down.

Title track, Bone Yard, sets the tone appropriately, with a drop combining a siege of entwined mid and sub-bass, teasing voice samples and rolling percussion. Soundscaping with a mystifying synth to ease the savageness, this industrious piece will be raising hell across the world’s soundsystems this winter.

Pneumatic begins in an untainted manner, but soon morphs into tribal, body-moving commotion. Unrelenting kick drums placed in conjunction with ceaseless bass, lay the foundation for the lead bongo riff and squelching reeses for the initial main section, this riddim is a rave-rumbler.

The third slice of the EP takes it back down again to half-time. Head Shot incorporates slickly executed FX and clean-cut percussion with a combination of syncopated mid-range basslines, the progression and switch-ups in this composition are second to none, and demonstrate how to compose a song minimally but effectively, with an abundance of low-end.

Next up is Parasite, a rugged stomper flowing with rhythm. The growling reeses and kick drums proceed into the track from an eerie but melodious intro, bringing forth chaos upon the drop. This track is all-attitude, yet retains control once descending into the break, until before you know it the basses are re-introduced in the first bar, and incomes the percussion for a slaughterous second section.

Fiend is compelling from the off, with uncanny utterances resounding into a low-end 4×4 beatdown, before it eventually ruptures into a frenzy of percussion layered with a spectral string pattern. The voice samples and keys draw the atmosphere in once again, paving subsequently into a half-time, powerhouse of a second drop, which hastily proceeds into breakneck double-time havoc once again.

To round off the six track massacre, 6 Degrees is pure weight and concludes this release in the similar manner that it began. With an apprehensive intro guiding itself neatly into a precise bass-driven groove, this is blended masterfully with dark FX and samples to set the tone and subtly carry the track through.

You can preview the EP here at Bleep’s online store and you can purchase this release now from all good online music retailers.

Along with the review we thought to ask Demon himself a few questions to provide an insight into himself as a producer and his titan label Macabre Unit Digital:

UKBM: What are the future plans for yourself musically, and for M.U.D?

Demon: To keep it moving forward and keep giving the masses what they want… good music.

UKBM: Do you intend to stick strictly to dubstep/garage within the label and your own productions?

Demon: As long as my artists keep making good music, I’ll put it out whatever genre bracket it comes under. Who knows where this sound will be in five years time, it moves so quickly.

UKBM: Since you expressed a while back that you will now be doing collaborative productions via online, are there any producers that you’d really love to work with?

Demon: Yeah I did say that didn’t I! If I’m honest I hate online collabs, I did want to do it, I really did… But it just don’t wash with me. I will happily make a trip up the train line to collab with my M.U.D boys.. And that’s exactly what I’ve done and will continue to do. As for who I’d like to work with… I don’t have anyone to mind, just someone who’s on my tip and appreciates the same sounds and vibes as me, which to be fair I need to look no further than my M.U.D boys.

UKBM: What would you be doing instead, hadn’t you become an established producer/DJ?

Demon: I still work a 9 till 5 at the moment, but my aim is to get on the DJ circuit on a full-time basis.

UKBM: Finally, what is your favourite guilty pleasure song?

Demon: My guilty pleasure… I’ve got loads. But the smasher for me is Kelly Clarkson – ‘Stronger’ ;).

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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