Promise One – See We Roll EP (EARZ004) – Review

OpenEarz Recordings are far from newcomers within the dubstep field, having provided three sterling vinyl releases from (at the time) budding Mancunians Synkro, Indigo and Dom Hz during 2009 and ’10. Now looking to reinstate itself after a four year intermission, Syte‘s label relaunch could not come more correct with Promise One‘s latest blends, capturing a retrospective feel with the finest in cutting-edge production.

Nick Fall, otherwise known as Promise One, has seen previous solo outings on Reboot Records, Gamma Audio and Deep Heads, as well as last year’s ‘Buck One‘ collaboration with Geode on Innamind Recordings. Maintaining a poised self-control over his production output, it would appear he has been waiting in the wings in preparation for this EP which is most certainly worth the anticipation.

Serving up a package of three focused cuts that are topfull with deep texture around the 140 mainframe, Promise One gives a nod to the UK garage revival with a tinge of hip hop and jazz alongside Sparkz and Geode.

See We Roll (feat. Sparkz)

Tricky and pattering sound effects upon the enveloped pads and faint birdsong lay the template for both Promise One and OpenEarz’s return statement. Sparkz is one of Manchester’s hottest properties going at the moment, making his name commendably in the company of The Mouse Outfit and Voodoo Black.
Having proved previously that he can rhyme lyrics over a mixed bag of beats and varying tempos, Sparkz makes no mistake in conjuring a first-rate double-time flow. The sub-bass packs a firm physicality yet carries a whole lot of movement, weaving its way in amongst the rolling 2-step groove. Couple together Sparkz’ on-point fury of bars beside Promise One’s sharp and dynamic production and you’re left with a firm classic. Sheer soundsystem music, pure dancefloor weaponry.

Chroma (w/ Geode)

Returning the favour for the feature on his Vie EP, Geode applies that honed and fresh jazz-esque sound to serve up a steaming slice of seductive funk alongside Promise One. The rich techno-like chords play over some stunningly warm sub work, this is wall-to-wall bass music.
The galloping hi-hats and swung half-time beat drive the tune forward, paving the way for all of the intricacies to be fully appreciated. ‘Chroma’ is as rude as it is elegant, with the thick rolling low-end infused with cosmic synths and atmospherics providing a fine-tuned equity.

Ghost Note (digital exclusive)

To complete the EP Nick has included this digitally exclusive tune, yet be assured it is no less worthy of being pressed to wax. Tribal percussion and a droning Eastern sound lead right up to the main section where the undiluted sub pressure takes full effect.
The live-sounding MC vocal sample is layered upon a dense reese bass, with a sparse beat which allows the sub room to manoeuvre. Gaining more momentum as it progresses through, the organic touches of drum hits and tightly crafted beats raises the intensity after the initial drop. ‘Ghost Note’ polishes off the EP in pummeling gusto.

There isn’t currently a date set for this release, yet we know that it is very soon! Keep open your Earz and eyes for that!

[UPDATE] Vinyl release date: 14th April. Digital release date: 21st April

Meanwhile you can check out Promise One’s Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter here.
Also be sure to check out OpenEarz Recordings’ past releases on their SoundCloud page.

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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