LX One – Scary People / Why (WHEELYDEALY040) – Review

LX One returns to the Wheel & Deal imprint once again with three of his most bass intensive pieces yet. After a string of releases and collaborations over the past year on Tempa, Crunch and Artikal, his continued work within the scene is paying off hugely and it shines through on this number especially.

Considering some of these tunes have remained in the hands of a select few DJs for well a over year, they have far from lost their magic and neither have they been forgotten about amongst the immense amount of dubstep being released week-in and out.

With constant support from Youngsta, Icicle, N-Type and J:Kenzo to name a few, these three have been going off live all over the globe as well as on the airwaves. A well chosen landmark for Wheel & Deal’s 40th release, LX One shows he’s still got the best to come with an ever-improving sound.

Scary People

What begins eerily with a strident synth and indistinct sound effects, soon creeps through a chilling spoken-word sample into a bottom-heavy swing of a drop. This half-step roller throws itself around a solidly laid-out percussive beat, built with the soundsystem in mind.
Whilst maintaining its minimal edge, LX manages to incorporate a number of basses to effect, taking the less is more approach but mastering it to the style he is known for. This one will conduct any dance to get their eyes down and their step on.


This particular tune has been floating around since the back-end of 2012, with a debut on Youngsta’s Rinse FM slot. Why? opens with teasing darkened chords and tribal hits, before breaking out with a colossal low-end bass entwined smoothly along to a bizarre reverbed effect.
This then builds into the second half of the main section with a switch-up of the structure, and it brings a lot more attitude. Sub-basses as clear as day and complimenting wonky mids, it is only logical that this release is double A-sided, as this and Scary People are really as huge as each other.


With the original first being pressed onto Wheel & Deal’s 16th release, the VIP soon followed but seemed to be kept away in the vault as strictly a dubplate for almost three years. Not long ago LX One announced that this gem would finally see the light of day, possibly to the dismay of certain DJs who still throw this down exclusively in their sets!
This tune is simply teeming with rudeness, and has certainly stood the test of time as it is carried by some serious waves of bass-infused sounds. The song sways between LX’s carefully crafted synths, but is driven by the underlying sub and the physical impact of the beat, and will no doubt be continued to be played long after this release comes around.

You can catch LX One on set hosting duties as well as DJing at Outlook and Dimensions Festival this month in Pula, Croatia. This release can be copped with the exclusive You VIP as a bonus from the Surus store on 9th September.

Find more of LX One on Facebook, Roll Da Beats & SoundCloud.

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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