Boofy – Nank EP (TUM006) – Review

20-year-old Bristolian, Boofy stakes his debut release on Nottingham-based label Tumble Audio with two dancefloor-merking belters. On the back of 2012’s more dubstep orientated releases on Vulcan Audio and Soulstep Records, Boofy has made multiple moves this year by signing to Bandulu Records, and also Sector 7 Sounds for their first release, both on vinyl. Once again he has delivered, and with two complimenting remixes from Hi5Ghost and Nativ, proves exactly why grime is still on top form in 2013.


Beginning with double-time hi hats and sample cut-ups of what could be described as the prelude to a skirmish, Nank punches through amidst an aptly crafted sub-bass, and with stabs so hard that they probably could shank! Sharp, snappy snares ride along with the fast and surging pace of the tune, before strings and synths are introduced in between the plucky bass hits. This one examples how to comprise musicality effectively with such a bouncy yet gritty rhythm.


If Nank wasn’t quite militant enough for you, then this brawler of a tune will most likely be ticking that box. The intro triggers with a quote from Wiley bashing on hating haters, before the full-on assault of Warzone blasts into action. Havoc ensues with straight-up guttural sub pressure, this one is simply dangerous! Strings, sub hits, rapid percussion and a vigorous bass lead merge lavishly, creating a strong, energetic instrumental without letup that is full of force.

Nank (Hi5Ghost Remix)

Fellow Bristol producer, Hi5Ghost takes the duty of modifying Nank into an all guns blazing and boisterous beat. Dropping into total mayhem upon the drop, the unrelenting sub and synths combined continue to pump without hesitating to pause. Pure fire.

Nank (Nativ Remix)

Reducing the tempo but not the attitude, Nativ reboots Nank with a more UK funky vibe, but still in keeping with the original’s grime tip. An incessantly rolling groove, this remix will be putting bounce in plenty of dances over wintertime and beyond.

Just six releases in and Tumble Audio have quickly confirmed that they are clearly not messing around! This EP will be available to purchase from all good music retailers on 2nd December 2014.

Find more of Boofy on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter.

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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