Deeper Vibrations: Origin (DVO001) – Review

The Deeper Vibrations collective began originally as a mix-hosting website, providing tracklists for artists’ mixes primarily for the dubstep and drum & bass orientated sound. Since then it has expanded into the depths of other bass-related genres, began its own YouTube promotion and mix channels, and now this; their first release as a label!

Not only is their début output a compilation boasting names such as J.Sparrow, Anex and Trashbat, it is also for a truly great cause. All of the proceeds made from this release will be donated generously to the War Child charity, which helps to protect children who live in the world’s most dangerous and war-torn areas.

In response to the online frenzy of producers sending for each other with grime instrumentals, or ‘war dubs‘, Deeper Vibrations set about calling for a VibeWar. This in turn brought about a competition in which producers were battling it out to build the most beautiful and soul-touching piece of music that they could muster up.

The most-voted for in that competition are what you will find on this compilation album. Out of nearly fifty entries there were 16 voted in and selected to make the final cut. Bass-infused, heartfelt and forward-thinking music from an array of producers, some well-established and others only just beginning to come through.

A genuninely great idea transformed into an even greater one. These are the tracks and artists featured on this release:

Menik feat. Zelda Marshal & Emma Lin – Contact

‘Contact’ is one of the album’s only few down-tempo songs, and it really is an absolutely breathtaking piece of music. It’s usually always difficult to pigeonhole very good music, hence why this can only be labelled simply as that. The instrumentation, stunning vocals and sparse percussion really set the tone for the rest of the ‘Origin’ listening experience.

Anex – Trial & Error

This one by Nottingham-based producer Anex is a dreamy concoction of warming garage-esque chords, a glistening guitar riff and an aptly chilling beat. The complimenting synth work and tropical atmosphere of ‘Trial & Error’ make an ideal listen for whatever mood.

Mentha – Sunflower

This finished third in the VibeWar competition, it’s clear as to why. The teasing saxophone and gentle guitar strums, as well as the distant horns and strings used to great effect… Every element involved delicately bounces off of each other and has its place within the piece.

Jack Sparrow – Run It Down

As expected from one-half of Author, Jack Sparrow’s Vibe offering is pure bliss. Building into more of an epic feel during the second section and then reverting back to the jazz-dubstep combination, this is quite a listen.

Karnage & Mark IV feat. Erika Roxin – Solitude

These two producers from the United States have had recent acknowledgement from across the board with their dark and soulful number ‘Pulse’, featuring Katie Bregman. Once again they have proven how clinical they are at working with vocalists, providing an alluringly divine backdrop for Erika Roxin to lay her vocal tones upon.

Trashbat – Eager Beaver

Hailing from London, Trashbat has been building his own unique brand of dubstep for quite some time now. With already a couple of MindStep releases under his belt and a feature on Chord Marauders’ second compilation, it is a telling sign that Callum really is one to watch closely. One of the deeper grooves from the album, the sampling within ‘Eager Beaver’ is evocative and the synth work is really second to none. An experimental but meditative track.

DTR – Bludclot

Another deep cut from DTR this time, a moody and rolling half-step track with teases of dub guitars andsaxophone. ‘Bludclot’ is a well balanced dub / dubstep cross-over, and a real sub workout.

Tosti – Grow

Hailing from Holland, Tosti has cooked up an upbeat and sweet head-nodder. Silky, bleepy synth pads laid over a tumbling congo pattern, this one nails minimal simplicity right on the head.

Morrison – Uptown

This Auckland duo have been receiving regular support from the likes of N-Type and Truth, and by wrapping your ears around this shimmery sonic groove it is obvious as to why. A hazy drawn out soundscape with warm sub tones go hand in hand with the crisply produced percussive elements involved, leaving you lost in a reflective aura.

Vaun – Ruling Out The Impossible

Vaun is no stranger to the bass music scene, after seeing some fantastic releases on Soulstep Records, Redshift-One and MindStep Music, he now offers up this beauty for you to indulge. Creating an immersive cascade of sound amidst the heavenly female vocal, ‘Ruling Out The Impossible’ is an alleviating deluge of wonder.

VoloDM – Alpharius

VoloDM is a producer from Lyon, France, furthering the Vibe world war. A spacey bassweight number, the plucky sub tones make their way through the eerie framework and shuffley hi hat pattern.

Rozi – Don’t Forget It

Rozi resides across the pond in New York and is one of the Tuba dubstep crew. A lush piano hook is the foundation for the haunting vocal cut and warm rumbling bass that runs right underneath the track. The delay effects implemented are flawless, and the second section is a lovely switch-up with more of a jazzy touch.

Love The Cook – This One

Love The Cook are a dubstep outfit dwelling in Hamburg, Germany, who can boast an extensive discography with labels such as Tsunami Audio, Subotage Records and Phantom Hertz Recordings. A cryptic sample descends into a murky and spaced out encounter, as the percussion breaks up the density of the low-end.

Dillard – Waiting

Dillard dwells in Denver, Colorado, and has seen outings on Dubtronical Audio as well as on London/Athens-based label Indigo Movement. This stepper is a stripped back but saturating rhythm, which flows effortlessly along whilst cloaking the aural senses in synth reverberations and rolling tribal drums.

Jeph1 – Cloudwalk

This composition does exactly what it says on the tin. After receiving support from MindStep Music head honcho Crises, Jeph1 has gone on to receive frequent spins on Sub FM as well as play at the legendary Outlook Festival. ‘Cloudwalk’ really is smooth sailing, fusing a subtle shuffle with a dreamy sequence of floating synths and sounds.

Duckem & Andromeda – Awake

To round off the compilation justly, Duckem has built a down-tempo hynotising beat with the aid of Andromeda’s powerful yet luxurious vocal. An intricate 2-step beat interlaced with a soaring bassline provides a spacious atmosphere for the vocalist to harmonise with.

Deeper Vibrations: Origins is released today on their Bandcamp page, with proceeds going to children effected by war in countries such as Afghanistan, DR Congo, Iraq and Uganda.
Please check out the album and get behind Deeper Vibrations in supporting this fantastic cause! You can find more of what they’re upto on their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud.
Be sure to check out each of the artists featured on this release through their links on the song reviews.

Originally written for UK Bass Music.

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