Headhunter – Parallels / Stand Alone (TRSK001) – Review

The return has been longingly awaited for, the launch has always been inevitable. A joint prospect that combines a comeback for one of dubstep’s most leading-edge artists of his time, with the outset of a newly established label who are spawning from their already strongly established blogsite – Trusik Recordings are set to crown their debut release with none other than the revival of Headhunter.

Hailing from “dubstep’s second home” in the city of Bristol, Antony Williams became Tempa Records‘ first signee to be based from outside of London in 2007, following on from the recognition of self-releasing collaborations alongisde Tech Itch with whom Headhunter shared their own label under the name Ascension. Several Tempa EPs and the first-rate Nomad album ensued, along with appearances on Idle Hands, Wheel & Deal, Black Box and a touring schedule including dates in North America, Australia and across Europe.

Through this platform Williams was able to roll out his unique take on the dubstep sound; a ruthless tech-singed, dubbed-out approach which has since deep-rooted itself during and after 2011’s hiatus of the Headhunter alias. That particular envelope was to be later pried open by producers such as Kryptic Minds and Icicle, helping to broaden the boundaries for future dubstep-techno stalwarts such as Sleeper, Killawatt and Ipman. Williams’ final release as Headhunter now clocks up to almost four years ago, yet evidentally his impact on the genre’s growth and its offshoots has been hugely influential.

Eventually after becoming gradually disillusioned with the dubstep scene, in 2010 Tony founded his Addison Groove moniker which went on to break ground from the get go after unleashing the seminal Footcrab on Loefah‘s Swamp 81 outfit. This new alias came with a license to create and play anything from footwork through to house, and in turn this gave way to releasing records for labels including Tectonic and Gutterfunk as well as two LPs for the late 50 Weapons label.

Boasting such a vast history and diverse musical caliber, it’s undeniably thrilling to see Headhunter back again. Youngsta had been heavily supporting the recent VIP treatment of Prototype on Rinse FM since last year, whilst Williams himself had been including a special few Headhunter dates in amongst his Addison Groove tours, adding more spark to further the frenzies across the scene.

Before long Prototype VIP was released for free under Trusik, and the two rumoured Headhunter dubplates that had been on heavy rotation by Youngsta subsequently were announced as Parallels & Stand Alone. The Trusik blog have proceeded to garner large amounts support over the years by promoting, featuring and documenting all things dubstep and bass related, and just like ourselves at AC, they are now transcending that base into their own record label – and what a way to takeoff!


A limited 12″ run of 300 copies are set to be released along with digital formats on 16th October, as Headhunter brings his exemplary yet updated formula to the table in the form of tech-dread ridden A-side Parallels, backed by the concentrated and convulated mechanisms of Stand Alone.
It can be hoped that this isn’t to just be a one-off single for Headhunter and that he can juggle both aliases, especially following on from the buzz that’s been generated by this release alone.

Trusik now have a brand new website to go with their label, which you can visit here, and for more updates you can follow them on Facebook here.
Addison Groove has just recently released a limited 300 vinyl run of his brand new self-released single Dancer / Go La La, which you can purchase exclusively from Rewind Forward, or visit Idle Hands in Bristol to pick up your copy in person.

Produced by Headhunter (A. Williams)
Album artwork by Leftanderson

Vinyl order links:

Intense Records: http://goo.gl/4pjGCX (use code ‘dubstep2015’ for 10% off of order)
Unearthed Sounds: http://goo.gl/iVMUU1
Redeye Records: http://goo.gl/vSksyO
White Peach: http://goo.gl/Gwn3XS
Juno Records: http://goo.gl/ubIrwk
Norman Records: https://goo.gl/36C8yr
Deejay Records: http://goo.gl/Z9iBcD

Digital order links:

Juno Download: http://goo.gl/zQLD7B
HMV Digital: https://goo.gl/64aZAu
iTunes Store: https://goo.gl/jhK0FG

Originally written for Albion Collective.

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