Matt-U – Gun Talk / Signals (BADS001) – Review

With brand new Matt-U music also comes the inception of a fresh record label on the block, in the form of Bad Seed Audio. With what could be said to be ‘hot off the Pressed’, producers Matt-U and Medison of London-based Pressed Records have hooked up to further the success that they enjoyed from the grime-dubstep crossover of the ‘Hammerhead EP‘ back in 2013.

That particular record, which featured hip hop and grime heavyweights Kyza Smirnoff, Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars), Marger & Illaman (Problem Child), has in effect cultivated the beginnings of Bad Seed Audio, who are looking to champion the more “Spartan sound of dubstep”.

Hungarian Matt-U can boast full bags of label names which have supported his sound from D&B to dubstep and beyond since his first outing in 2004. The likes of Osiris Music, Black Box, Boka, NoMad, Wheel & Deal and Subway Recordings are up there, as well as notable collaborations with Killawatt, Headhunter, Riskotheque and fellow compatriot DJ Madd under his belt, 2015 bears a new direction with the Bad Seed imprint at the helm.

Drawing suspense from the offset to chilling effect, lead track ‘Gun Talk’ is about as militant as they come once that trigger’s pulled on the main section. Brawling mid-range synths cause a full-blown ruckus amongst a rollicking of jaunty percussion, truly swaggering like a squad of Spartans!

B-side ‘Signals’ carries a similar aggressive furor to it, with a certain nod to Distance as the lead synth smooths itself over the venom of the mids and stuttered drumwork.

‘Burpee’ comes as a digitally exclusive track, offering a contrasted, sinister and more restrained moodiness within its production. Still as boisterous yet with an added squeeze of deep and dark for good measure, this one rounds off Bad Seed’s debut release fittingly.


Gun Talk / Signals (BADS001) sees its vinyl release on January 26th, with the digital package including ‘Burpee’ hitting the online stores on February 2nd.

Makes sure to check out and follow Bad Seed Audio on Facebook and SoundCloud for updates, future releases and more.

Originally written for Albion Collective.

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