Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep (AMBR031) – Review

The Mindsweep embodies Enter Shikari’s boundless musical and political influences, as here their previous shining efforts from first to third album bleed together as one. Their new fine-tuned direction turns up a well-polished, but rigourous and reinvented Shikari sound.

Frontman Rou calls for unity through science, pulls punches at the capitalist world and even name-drops ancient Greek philosophers, this time opting to wield a more metaphoric approach to lyrical content than that of AFFOC and Common Dreads. The social message is staunch and sophisticated yet stronger than ever before.

The vocalist switches up styles and displays his rapping finesse on full-throttle in Anaesthetist and Never Let Go Of The Microscope, leaving room for harsher vocals on the manic Myopia and math-punk crossover There’s A Price In Your Head.

Musically, Enter Shikari have progressed immensely alongside producer Dan Weller by the use of layered and more subtle electronic synths than ES listeners are familiar with. Blending these among Chris & Rory’s riffs and vocal harmonies works wonders, amidst an array of trumpets, trombones and violins as they’re teased throughout the LP.

Somehow taking their own experimentation levels up another notch or two, deviating between calm and monstrous, anthemic to raucous – The Mindsweep is executed so as to touch base on the band’s entire sonic spectrum. And once again they’ve more than succeeded.

Yet the familiar question beckons… just how can they ever follow it up?
Originally written for One Media Group



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